Corporate Catering with CaterSpot

Feed your company with CaterSpot's various corporate catering services and network of 130+ caterers & restaurants in Hong Kong.

Corporate Catering with CaterSpot

CaterSpot works the way you need to feed your staff lunches, happy hours, company events and pantry snacks. Make your corporate catering easier and regain more time in your day.

Corporate Account

Recurring Meal Plans

Custom Catering Program

Corporate Account for your Employees

Help streamline your company's catering procurement with a CaterSpot corporate account. Get your staff on a centralized ordering system that's integrated with your procurement and corporate billing.  Register CaterSpot as a vendor/supplier with your company once and get access to over 130+ caterers and restaurants.

With a Corporate Account your staff can place orders themselves on the CaterSpot platform for any meeting, lunch or event, and the order will be invoiced to the company.  

Service Highlights:

  • Corporate billing
  • Add staff to the company corporate account
  • Invoices sent to your finance department 
  • Reports on orders placed by staff
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Recurring Meal Plans

A CaterSpot meal plan is the perfect solution for your office. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or a regular happy hour, CaterSpot’s meals arrive on your schedule, from top caterers and restaurants in your city.

Each menu is prepared by a dedicated client success coordinator, built specifically to your team’s budget, tastes and dietary needs. When you start a subscription, CaterSpot takes care of the planning and delivery of each meal. You spend less time on logistics and more time connecting with your team over lunch, making office meals something to look forward to everyday. Let CaterSpot make it easy.

Custom Catering Program

Does your company require custom catering service? Work with a CaterSpot Account Manager to create a catering program tailored for your needs. 

Example custom in-house catering program:

  • Breakfast & Lunch daily meal service
  • Rotating schedule of curated caterers
  • Dedicated on-site coordinator
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Feedback collection from your team
  • One time set up 

“We love working with CaterSpot, the food is on time, and always goes over very well with our team. Thanks for making my job easier.”

Elin, Netflix

130+ Caterers & Restaurants to choose from

Say goodbye to spending endless hours googling and calling caterers - we work with the best catering brands in Hong Kong.  Whether you need food for a special occasion, or you’re just bored by your old stand-bys, from sandwiches to buffets, your perfect choice is just a few clicks away.

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